Back to the 18th century

In the late 18th century, Gunnebo was one of the most modern and most precious Houses in Sweden. More than two hundred years later, the site have been the subject of one of the most acclaimed and innovative initiatives in the country when it comes to utilizing and develop a historic setting.

The original design plans of architect Carl Wilhelm Carlberg have enabled the reconstruction of the site. On this page you can read about what has been done in the project Back to the 18th century so far and what is planned in the future.

Phase I

This unique restoration and reconstruction project began in 1996. It was initially financed by the European Union, the National Heritage Board and the City of Mölndal. The aim of the project was to convey the older craft techniques to today’s craftsmen under the master-apprentice principle. During Phase I the large green house and the oldest part of the kitchen garden were reconstructed, as well as arcitechtural elements in the formal garden and the House.

The servants’ quarters was built to house the restaurant named Gunnebo Coffee House and Restaurant. The inauguration took place in 1998.

Phase II

The reconstruction of the wings began in 2001 and was completed in 2006. Today it houses the gift shop and tourist information office and rooms for conferences and meetings. The new kitchen garden in front of the green house was completed in 2008. In the same year, the formal garden was decorated with urns and plants on the basis of the original drawings. In the House, one of the upstairs parlours was restored.

Phase III

Beginning in late 2013, the reconstruction of the richly decorated orangery in the formal garden is the latest part of the project. Read more about the orangery on this page.

Work in progress and the future

In 2015-2018, the facades of the House regain its former appearance. The original panelling, which was replaced in the 1860s, is being reconstructed.

In 2016 the trellis in the northern formal garden was reconstructed. The 7,5 meter tall construction functions both as a support of the linden trees and as a room for entertaining guests.

Before the project is complete, there are additional buildings remaining; the hermitage near the northern driveway and several smaller buildings surrounding the green house. In addition to the buildings, paths in the landscape park will be restored.

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