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Surrounding Gunnebo, there are plenty of hiking trails along lakes and through forests and open fields. The beautiful lake Rådasjön offers a hiking trail through varying scenery and ancient agricultural areas. The distance is 12 kilometers.

You can book a hiking package from Gunnebo Coffeehouse and Restaurant. The package includes coffee/tea, our freashly baked cheese sandwich and cookie as well as a Gunnebo thermos and a Gunnebo bag to bring home as souvenirs.

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Around Rådasjön

Rådasjön is a beautiful lake on the borders of cities Mölndal and Härryda. A hiking around the lake takes about 2.5 hours (12 km) and goes through beautiful nature and suburbian neighborhoods on forest paths and bicycle pavements. The route has signposts and you pass Råda manor and several small beaches and view points.

Download a map of Rådasjön (in Swedish).


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