Land art and show gardens 2017

In addition to the 18th century gardens, the formal garden, the kitchen garden and the landscape park, you will find temporary Show Gardens and Land Art at Gunnebo in 2016-2017.


During the project Gothenburg Green World 2016, two large-scale natural artworks were placed on Gunnebo. Between the House and the summer theatre, you find Flow by the German artist Rainer Gross and on the hill between the House and the wing buildings, stands Belgian Will Becker’s artwork For Nature Everything is a Memory.

Land Art is an art form created in the United States in the 1960s. In harmony with nature, art is created in the landscape.


In the bosquets in the southern formal garden, two modern garden installations were created in 2016. The eastern bosquet is inspired by the 17th century gardener André Mollet’s thoughts on how to create a garden. Swedish artist Nina Nilsson interpreted Mollet’s words in his book Le Jardin de Plaisir. Nina Nilsson has also been inspired by the rooms themselves, and how they were used in the 18th century. They then held a volière (bird cage) and a fish pond.

In the western bosquet, you find an example of the gardens at German castle Dyck. The Dyck castle is widely known in Germany for its fruit trees and the castle and its gardens are part of the same international garden network as Gunnebo House and Gardens.


In Mölndal there are two additional Land Art artworks; In the city park (Mölndal stadspark), British artist Stuart Frost has transformed three giant tree trunks. At the southern gate at Forsåker former industrial area, Italian Roberto Conte has created Janus, the gateway between the new and old Mölndal.

The Land Art artists at Mölndal and Gunnebo all come from the Arte Sella park in north eastern Italy.

Opening hours

All artworks are available daytime without admission fees.

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