The animals at the Gunnebo farm

At the Gunnebo farm the cattle maintain the cultural landscape and help us with the daily work in the reserve.

Swedish red polled

The Swedish Red Polled breed is solid red and always polled. Its shades vary from yellow to dark brown, sometimes with a hint of white. An adult cow can weigh between 350-600 kilo.

In the late 1970s, only twenty animals remained in Sweden. Conservation efforts began and it was decided to import the Norweigan breed, which was similar to the Swedish, to preserve the race for the future.

Ardennes horses

Two Ardennes horses live at Gunnebo; Umar (born 2008) and Julin (born 2005). They are workhorses that help to maintain the cultural reserve with everything from pulling logs in the forest to placing exotic trees in the formal garden. At major events, we arrange carriage rides with these horses.

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