Our large outdoor cafe has been opened, where there are plenty of places to sit and lots of morning and afternoon sunshine as well.

Kaffehuset is open as normal but to reduce the risk of spreading infection we have taken the following measures:

  • All food is served by staff but is ordered at the till.
  • If one of our staff feels even slightly poorly they will not come into work.
  • We rigorously follow the recommendations regarding cleaning and personal hygiene.
  • Hand sanitiser has been placed in several locations around Kaffehuset and in the House.
  • Chilled cabinets and glass panels have been installed to help prevent guests from touching the food selection.
  • Sales of bread take place over the counter.
  • Tongs and dishes on the salad buffet are changed frequently.
  • We have made the appropriate changes to the outdoor cafe and the tables have been spaced well apart.
  • Information about social distancing is clearly visible indoors and outdoors.
  • A maximum of 50 people are welcome to all our events.

We follow developments carefully and act upon the decisions and recommendations made by the Swedish Public Health Agency, the Swedish Government and Mölndal’s Environmental Health Department.