The animals at the Gunnebo farm

The Gunnebo House farmhouse consists of a number of traditional red “faluröd” buildings east of the kitchen gardens. Here we and our animals work on the 100-hectare cultural reserve.


The way we keep our animals today is reminiscent of how they would have been kept at Gunnebo in the 18th century. The farm is in the same place today as it was then. The cattle grazed Gunnebo’s fields and kept the landscapes open. The animals were moved around different fields depending on the food supply. Since 2006, Gunnebo’s cattle have been managed in the same way. By using heritage and organic farming methods, we work together with the animals. This brings us closer to the 18th century and helps us spread knowledge about farm management of that time.


On our farm we have two horses. The animals are part of the cycle that characterizes operations at Gunnebo. Their manure is a valuable fertilizer used on fields and in the kitchen garden beds.