The animals at the Gunnebo farm

Gunnebo House farmhouse consists of a set of “faluröda” buildings east of the kitchen gardens. Here we and our animals work with the 100-hectare cultural reserve.


Today’s animal retention is reminiscent of the living environment that Gunnebo was in the 18th century. The farm of the time was in the same place as today. The cattle grazed Gunnebo’s fields and kept the cultivation landscape open. The animals were moved around in the gardens depending on the supply of bait. Since 2006, Gunnebo’s cattle have been used in the same way. With historical and organic farming, we work together with the animals, which brings us closer to the 18th century and thereby can we can spread knowledge about the farm management of the time.


At our farm there is today a small animal herd with cows and horses. The animals are part of the cycle that characterizes the operations at Gunnebo. Their manure are used as valuable nutrition on fields and in the cultivation grow beds in the kitchen garden. To some extent, is our own beef used in Gunnebo Kaffehus and Krog and is sold as frozen veal in Gunnebo shop.

Information to parents

The farm is a workplace where machines and traffic daily. Please keep your children under surveillance. During the winter, the animals are in the farm buildings. During the summer months can you see the animals in the pastures in the area.

Få vårt nyhetsbrev

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