Welcome to Gunnebo’s own bakery! In the middle of the kitchen garden lies the old staff quarters where our KRAV certified organic restaurant with its own bakery serves lunches and refreshments every day. Our cakes and pastries are made from organic and locally produced ingredients, inspired by historic baking traditions, with elements and ideas from our kitchen garden. During summer we decorate them with edible flowers from the garden.

Buy fresh bread to take home every day!

You’ll always find fresh bread to take home here. Choose from several types of sourdough bread, and why not try our popular crispbreads and crisp rolls too. The bakery sells freshly baked bread, rolls, cinnamon buns and much more every morning from 7am (8am weekends), from the hatch to the left of the restaurant.

Heritage grains

Gunnebo’s bakery bakes exclusively with organic KRAV labelled flours. The flour we use is ground from old original grain varieties, usually called heritage grains. The varieties we use at Gunnebo are: Lantvete, Dinkel, Emmer and Svedjeråg rye flour. We buy them from, among others, Wästgötarna and Limabacka kvarn flour mills. These flour varieties lie behind the rise in popularity of artisan baking and are extremely nutritious and good for the environment at the same time. You can also buy them in our shop.