The Kitchen gardens

The gardens at Gunnebo were created at the same time as the rest of the estate and was drawn by architect Carl Wilhelm Carlberg. The estate has three types of gardens: the formal gardens, the English landscape park and the kitchen gardens. All the gardens are organic today. Each year the kitchen gardens are planned in close collaboration with the chefs in Gunnebo Coffee House and Restaurant, and the vegetables are harvested and served in the restaurant.


The Old kitchen garden was probably layed out before the construction of Gunnebo in the 1780s-1790s, but redesigned by architect Carl Wilhelm Carlberg. In the Old kitchen garden you find asparagus, rhubarb, herbs and flowers. Against the North wall there are trellised pear.


The New kitchen gardens are located below the greenhouse, close to the farm. Here, the aim is to clarify what is a typical Swedish vegetable garden from the 18th century. The southern part of the New kitchen garden is the school garden for horticultural education at Gunnebo and educational activities for schools in Mölndal.

The Greenhouse

On the terrace in the New kitchen garden the greenhouse was recreated in 1996-1999. The building is not based on any preserved design plans, but finds from archaeological excavations and studies of other contemporary conservatories.


To visit the gardens is free of charge, but you may contribute with a voluntary fee. The gardens are available from sunrise to sunset.

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