At Gunnebo there are activities for children of all ages all year round.


The play area is by the farm near the kitchen gardens, and is open from sunrise to sunset. On the side of the hill you can climb up on Maj-Ros the cow, and discover all sorts of things. You can also hang on her tail or ride her calves Vallmo and Vippen, who like being swung on.

Maj-Ros and her calves were created by the designer Lars Jonsson, who’s also responsible for the Zanzibar play area outside Universeum in Gothenburg. Here’s what he has to say about Maj-Ros:

Maj-Ros is hand made in larch. That makes her strong enough to withstand weather and wind, and able to bear the weight of many children. It’s a special feeling being surrounded by wood when you sit in her tummy. From there you can peep out through the clear pink roses that are like small windows on her spotted body. Some parts are made of steel, like the tail for instance, that you can hold on to and swing on. Her tongue is made of rubber, and is nice to feel.”