At Gunnebo there are activities for children of all ages all year round.


The play area is by the farm near the kitchen gardens, and is open from sunrise to sunset. At Gunnebo we have Hedemora chickens that sometimes take a walk on the farm. Sigrid, Svea, Lilly and Svala also live here. They are four Gotland rabbits. Their neighbours are the Swedish blue ducks who stays by the pond.

Keep in mind that the farm is a workplace where machines and traffic occur daily.


Welcome to Kaffehus och Krog for food or a coffee with freshly baked buns and homemade juice.

Menu for children between 0-12 years
Choose one of today’s main course in a smaller portion 85 SEK
Greenhouse bread with cheese and seasonal vegetables: 35 kr

At Gunnebo, all children combine their own meal. If you are young enough, you can choose from the vegetables, sauces and ingredients on today’s menu and whether you want fish, meat or vegetarian.