Gunnebo’s grounds are hilly in parts. Paths are wide and well maintained. Around the house and other buildings in the reserve there are benches to sit on during the summer half year. The paths are laid with finely compacted gravel which provides a level surface. From the farm and accessible parking area the ground is flat all the way up to the kitchen garden and restaurant.


There are four large information panels with a map of the area at the entrances: one at Runde sten, one at the Stensjön car park, one at Lake Rådasjön accessible swimming area and one at the car park at the top of Christina Hall road.


There is cycle parking at Runde sten, by the fence opposite Gunnebo Kaffehus och Krog and by the stone wall between the kitchen garden and the farm.


Without help: gardens, Kaffehus och Krog
With help: the state rooms in the house, the shop and Vagnboden. There are permanent ramps to the restaurant, south and north wings. A temporary ramp at the entrance to the house can be erected by staff. There are no lifts in the house. For visits to the house, please contact us in advance on +46 31-334 16 00.
Parking: There are 280 parking places in total, of which 3 are for disabled users. The car park is by the farm, about 100 metres from the restaurant and wings of the house. No cars are allowed to park or be driven in the gardens for reasons of safety and lack of space.
Toilet: There is an accessible toilet in Kaffehus och Krog and in the south wing (for booked groups and specific concerts). There are no accessible toilets in the house.


There are toilets in Kaffehus och Krog and by the steps leading up to the house. There is Braille signage on all toilet signs.


There are door thresholds in all the buildings, but in Kaffehus och Krog and the wings these have been bridged with wedge ramps.


Assistance dogs are welcome in some parts of the shop. Assistance dogs are restricted to those rooms designated for serving in the Kaffehus och Krog restaurant where space is limited. Contact us before your visit so we can help you to the best of our ability when you get here. No animals are allowed in the House.


Vagnboden in the south wing is equipped for deaf and hard of hearing visitors.


Gunnebo House is a historic building and consequently modern accessibility equipment is limited.

Entrance: In the archway under the large flight of steps on the south side of the house.
Opening times: We offer guided tours of the house.
Length: A guided tour of the house usually takes 45 minutes.
Stairs: 20 steps from the entrance floor to the state rooms and 23 steps from the state rooms to the upper floor. If you are visiting with a wheelchair contact us in advance so we can prepare to the best of our ability. Tel: +46 31-334 16 00
Seating: Portable stools are available to borrow. You must not sit on the furniture in the House or lean against the walls.
Lift: No
Wheelchairs: Access to state rooms. Please contact us before your visit so we can prepare temporary ramps for use.
Toilet: In the lower ground floor (entrance level) or in the archway outside the entrance.
Cloakroom: In the lower ground floor (entrance level).
Bags: We ask visitors to leave large bags and rucksacks in the cloakroom. Gunnebo House and Gardens accepts no responsibility for valuable items.

If you know you will have difficulty with steps, contact us before your visit on tel. +46 31-334 16 00.