Gunnebo House and Gardens has held a Gothenburg Model Environmental Diploma since 2006. We have an active environmental policy operating across the whole organisation.


Gunnebo Kaffehus och Krog and Gunnebo Bakery have a unique position right in the middle of the lush kitchen garden. The kitchen creates its menus according to what the gardeners harvest each day, alongside seasonal deliveries from local organic food producers.

In 2012 the business received a Swedish organic KRAV certification, which now conforms to Krav’s highest level, in other words over 90% of the ingredients are organic. Part of Gunnebo’s sustainability work is to keep menus open for changes. What’s in season then decides what goes on the menu. Our close collaboration with the gardeners means we’re also trying out new ways of using herbs, aromatics and vegetables all the time. What can we make using every bit of a celeriac for instance?

In the bakery we use heritage grains in everything we bake. Heritage grains are original grain varieties that have a wide genetic base. This is better from a sustainability perspective as it is easier for those grains to adapt to changes in climate and agricultural landscapes. The genetic variations also mean that it’s harder for external influences to destroy the whole yield. At Gunnebo we use the following types of flour: Lantvete, Dinkel, Emmer and Svedjeråg.

We strive to make use of everything and create exciting new flavours and products to minimise food waste across all our operations. For example, leftover cinnamon buns are made into breadcrumbs and become new, crunchy cinnamon bun biscuits. If there is anything we really can’t make use of we choose to either compost it in our garden compost or take it to the community biogas plant.

We are members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association and Taste of West Sweden.


Our KRAV certified gardens are maintained on a perpetual organic cycle. We grow organic crops and heritage varieties and aim for diversity, regarding both annual vegetables and perennial herbs. Green compost is always used in our crop rotation and we grow catch crops so we don’t deplete our soils. Our beds are worked carefully as needed, and we add primarily manure and our own compost adapted to meet the needs of whatever is being cultivated. If we need to add any other nutrient we use ones that have a KRAV organic certification. When we cut our lawns the grass clippings are used as mulch on the beds requiring it. We grow nectar and pollen rich flowers to attract many beneficial insects and increase diversity in the gardens. That helps with both pollination and combating pests. If we still need further action against certain pests or fungal diseases we use biological control methods. In autumn plant material goes straight onto the beds or in our compost bins, and next spring the whole sustainable cycle starts again.


There’s a a range of organic products in the shop at Gunnebo, including foodstuffs, textiles and plants. The shop also sells Fairtrade products, amongst others, and toxin free toys.


In addition we look for environmentally friendly alternatives when renovating, painting and cleaning. We work actively to reduce energy consumption in our buildings by heating our tiled stoves efficiently, improving insulation in windows and doors and creating routines that reduce energy consumption.


The office at Gunnebo House and Gardens works actively to use less paper and reduce energy consumption.


  • We will achieve continuous environmental improvements according to our overall environmental goals.
  • We will provide information for our visitors and draw attention to the environmental work we do.
  • We will integrate ecological principles and strive for life cyle thinking in our day to day work in all parts of the organisation at Gunnebo.
  • Our operations will abide by all the relevant legislation.
  • All cultivation will be organic according to Swedish KRAV criteria.
  • Ethically sound animal husbandry will be practiced and organic animal feed will be used.
  • The selection on offer at Gunnebo Kaffehus and Krog will follow seasonal changes.
  • When purchasing, environmentally friendly and locally produced items will be favoured.
  • Suppliers with an active environmental policy will be prioritised.
  • When installing new systems energy efficient alternatives will be sourced and Green electricity will be used.
  • We will work to minimise the amount of waste.