Gunnebo CulturAL reservE – MAGNIFICENT SCENERY

There are all sorts of sensory experiences in our cultural reserve, set in historic landscapes full of magnificent scenery. The whole family will find spots they’ll want to explore. You can choose short, easily walked paths or slightly longer walking trails. The reserve offers a variety of settings, many of which are easy to get around with pushchairs.  Walk the shoreline past the glittering lakes Stensjö and Rådasjö and enjoy the lovely views and grand oak woodlands interspersed with meadows. In the fields you’ll come across cows now and again, or our working horses Juhlin and Umar. They help to maintain the estate grounds. In the forest children can run free and create their own playgrounds.


Gunnebo was designated a Cultural Reserve in 2003. That means that these culturally rich landscapes will be protected and preserved. The protection covers the buildings and grounds but also knowledge and traditions of land management. Such traditions can include using scythes to cut grass and letting cows graze in the fields. The Gunnebo cultural reserve covers 100 hectares and is administered by Region Västra Götaland and the city of Mölndal.

The purpose of the reserve is:

  • to preserve and maintain a valuable cultural landscape that comprises a country estate with manor house and gardens from the late 1700s, and surrounding lands characterised by 18th-20th century farming and forestry practices and the owners’ aesthetic ambitions.
  • to communicate an understanding of the development of the landscape in a historical context. The cultural landscapes should be a source of knowledge, inspiration, recreation and outdoor life.
  • to foster biodiversity.

The management plan for the cultural reserve is enclosed on the right.


In Gunnebo’s cultural reserve you can experience deciduous forests, meadows, fields, glittering lakes with sandy beaches and dramatic sheer rock faces. Several walking trails wind through the area. You’re welcome to pick up a visitor map when you are at Gunnebo.