We invite you to hold your conference at Gunnebo House and Gardens. Our conference rooms, restaurant and bakery are located in the middle of the kitchen gardens. All the food our chefs and bakers make is guided by the seasons, and ingredients grown here end up on the plate. The restaurant, bakery and kitchen gardens have a KRAV organic certification. Gunnebo is open all year round.

Conference arrangements at Gunnebo:

A full day conference is between 8.00-16:30

The conference room key can be collected from our restaurant, where you’ll also be given information about the room, equipment and timings during the day.

Morning fika is served at 08:30 in the conference room.

Lunch is served in our restaurant either at 11:30 or 12:00 (time decided by Gunnebo depending on the number of delegates).

The lunch that we serve will be the most climate smart choice for that day, which means that it can be vegetarian, meat or fish.

Afternoon fika is served at 14:30 in the conference room.

When you are finished for the day, take the key back to the restaurant.

Top tips! Book a guided tour of the House, Orangery or gardens, a dinner in the restaurant or a food activity centring on pizza.



Our largest conference room is in the south wing right opposite Gunnebo’s gift shop. Vagnboden is a light and airy room with large windows facing the house, and a seven metre high ceiling. The room is equipped with a large projector screen, projector, sound system, whiteboard and wifi. Vagnboden used to be the stables, with room for several carriages and six horses.

U-table 26 people
Classroom seating 36 people
Theatre style 70 people

Carlberg’s chamber
This room is perfect for smaller groups and is located in the same building as the Gunnebo shop. There’s a white ceramic stove in the room and a large window overlooking the house. The room is equipped with a large TV screen with a camera for digital meetings, whiteboard and wifi. Carlberg’s Chamber is named after Gunnebo’s original architect, Carl Wilhelm Carlberg.

O-table 12 people


The Vindskammaren is on the top floor of the same building as Vagnboden and is best rented out as a group room to the conference party using Vagnboden. The Vindskammare is decorated in warm colours and its windows overlook the children’s farm and new kitchen garden. It’s equipped with a large TV screen, whiteboard and wifi.

O-table 12 people

Full day: 625 SEK/person + room hire*
Half day: 520 SEK/person + room hire*

*room hire Vagnboden

Full day, 6300 kr
Half day, 4200 kr

*room hire Carlberg’s chamber or Vindskammaren

Full day 3600 kr
Half day, 2200 kr