You’re welcome to order delicious and beautiful cakes from our bakery. All cakes are made from organic ingredients. Cakes must be ordered at least four weekdays in advance, see the ordering information to the right. All cakes provide 6 or 12 pieces.  Price 70 SEK/piece.

all year round

Chocolate gateau
Chocolate brownie, milk chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse

Raspberry gateau
Raspberry brownie, raspberry truffle, raspberry mousse and raspberry gelée.

Fruit and berry gateau
Sponge base, seasonal compote, milk chocolate truffle, vanilla cream and white sugar paste icing

seasonal cakes

Lingon and juniper berry gateau, December-February*
Almond cake base, lingonberry curd, juniper berry toffee and vanilla mousse

Blackcurrant gateau, March-April
Sponge base, meringue, blackcurrant curd and Italian meringue

Rhubarb gateau, May-June*
Almond cake base, vanilla cream, rhubarb mousse, roasted white chocolate

Strawberry and elderflower gateau, July-August*
Mazarin cake base with salt roasted almonds, strawberry pannacotta and elderflower mousse

Bilberry and lemon gateau, September-November*
Almond cake base, lemon curd, bilberry mousse, bilberry gelée.

* Gluten free