Photography in the house and the gardens

Wedding and amateur photography

Having your photographs taken in the house is very popular and always needs to be booked in advance. Photography in the house takes place by arrangement. Photography has to be planned so that it doesn’t interfere with guided tours of the house or other events, and staff from the house will be present during the photo shoot.

Wedding photography: 2500 SEK per hour commenced, subsequent hour/s 1800 SEK.

Make a reservartion here or contact us.

Private individuals are welcome to take pictures of our buildings and gardens. If publishing on social media, please use the hashtag #gunneboslott #gunnebohouse. You can take photographs while on guided tours, without using flash and on condition that you are not inconveniencing the group or the guide.

We do not charge for private photography such as wedding photography in the gardens, but please be aware of other visitors. You are not allowed to inconvenience Gunnebo House operations or other guests, and Gunnebo’s staff have the right to ask your party to withdraw. Please note that the portico on the north side of the house and on or around the external stairway on the south side are sometimes blocked off because an event is happening in the house that must not be disrupted.

Wedding photography in the gardens is free and does not need to be booked in advance.

Remember that

There is a general ban on cars between “Runde sten” to the north and the new kitchen garden to the east (see map on the right). Wedding parties that have booked the house are however welcome to drive up and unload before moving their vehicles to the regular car park.

  • Payment should be made in advance. A booking is binding and is non-refundable. Nortic offers insurance for unforeseen events, which provides a full refund.
  • Weddings will be invoiced afterwards.
  • No music is allowed in the gardens without prior agreement.
  • No smoking is allowed in the house, wings, restaurant, gardens, play areas or farm.

Professional and commercial photography

Businesses that want to use Gunnebo’s surrounding for commercial photography or filming such as fashion shoots, product photography etc. must always contact Gunnebo well in advance on +46 31-334 16 00 or This applies whether you want to use the gardens or one of the buildings. Gunnebo reserves the right to refuse permission if the applicant’s products are not deemed to be consistent with Gunnebo’s brand values and concept. The gardens are always open to the general public but can occasionally be closed off if hired privately. The house has been a listed building since 1963 and the interiors are delicate and sensitive.

Price commercial photography in the gardens: 2500 SEK/hour.
Price commercial photography in the house: 3 500 SEK/ hour.
The use of airborne drones at Gunnebo is forbidden without prior consent.