Celebrate birthdays, graduations or any other special day at Gunnebo. With its classical architecture, formal gardens and focus on ecology and sustainability it will create the perfect frame for your event. The whole estate is KRAV labelled and received the highest certification. All Gunnebo’s ingredients are organic and we make use of our own animals and plants as much as we can. Our gardeners provide the flowers for the seasonal arrangements, meaning we can provide a complete experience, from reception to food, cake and drinks, and help you create a truly memorable occasion.

Guests will be served a seasonal organic dinner made in our own restaurant. We let vegetables provide the starring role, with fish or meat as sides. Choose either a two or three course menu. Dinners can be arranged for groups of minimum 15 and maximum 65 guests.


The servants’ quarters- Kaffehus och Krog
There are two rooms in Kaffehus och Krog; Stora hönshuset and Drängkammaren. Stora hönshuset is an airy room with a beautiful wrought iron circular chandelier. The rooms are next to each other and together they can hold 65 guests. Tables will be decorated with white linen tablecloths and serviettes, as well as flowers from our own gardens.


Get to know the place you have invited your guests to; combine dinner with a guided round tour of the house or gardens. We also have several lovely locations at Gunnebo that would be perfect for your welcome drinks.